We wish you all a Merrry Christmas

First we’d like to say Thank you, this is our second Christmas with Premium-Flights, and we never thought that we would grow so fast.

When we look at our stats we see that we are still growing every single month, this is a sign for us that you must love our work, otherwise you wouldn’t come back, would you ? 😉

The whole idea to start our own blog arose around 2 years ago.

We loved, and still love to travel. However, flying in economy class for several hours weakened our travel experience every time. Per coincidence we found a business class flight from our place to the United States for under 1500€. At that time we didn’t even know that you can score business class tickets at such prices regularly.

Of course, we bought the ticket, and this was the last time we flew economy long-haul.

However, finding such “cheap” tickets regularly wasn’t that easy. We started reading other blogs and learned a lot that way. There are some other good blogs out there, but we didn’t find one blog that was about cheap Business or First class fares only.

At a point we were checking for “deals” every day, and we realized that we found cheap business class tickets that no other blogs were posting about. That was the time, we thought that maybe a few more out there were looking for those cheap business or first class tickets, and we created this blog on a whim.

From time to time we are posting now some travel tips and stories as well, as we realized that some of you like to read them a lot, rather than just hunting after cheap tickets.

If you have any other ideas or wishes that you would like to us to post here, just let us know in the comment section 😉

Even though it is Xmas now ad well as holiday season, we continue posting deals, and if extraordinary cheap deals appear you will get deal alerts as well.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

If you enjoy our blog and would like to support us, you can buy us a coffee 😉


  • Eszter

    Thanks for the wishes and the nice story about the beginnings. Your work is very precious! Wishing you Happy Holidays as well from the Budapest(Ferihegy airport) on our way back to Findel Airport 😉

  • Loc

    Well done and thank you for the wonderful and extremely useful postings.
    One question if I may: regularly you posted interesting opportunities with departures from Germany or Italy, besides key points such as London or Paris, have you seen any deals arising from Geneva or Zurich ? I am based in Switzerland and would be most interested. Thank you.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • premiumflights

      Hi, we are looking as well for Switzerland of course, actualy we are looking for every country in Europe ;). The last time there weren’t that many good deals out of Switzerland. Somtimes you need to buy a cheap economy ticket to get to a cheap departing point, that’s what we do as well :).

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