AMAALA, a new Ultra Luxury Resort in the red sea

Saudi Arabia is about to build an ultra luxury enclave in the red sea named AMAALA an it looks stunning.

Until now, basically the only possibility to explore the Red Sea, especially the Ocean wildlife life is Egypt, as all other countries surrounding the Red Sea are not really tourist friendly for the moment.

What is AMAALA

AMAALA is named after the Arabic word for ‘hope’ and is a high prestige tourism project of Saudi Arabia. It is situated on the North Western Coast of Saudi Arabia at the Red Sea.

The master plan expects AMAALA to be finished by 2028.

Accommodations and activities planned so far

The resort will be split into 3 different communities:

  • The Island, one of the most luxurious enclaves when completed.
  • Triple Bay, with a focus on wellness, sports and fitness activities
  • Coastal Development.with a focus on museums, arts and cultural events

It is planned to build the ultra luxury resort including the following accommodations with all 3 areas combined:

  • 30 hotels
  • 2525 rooms 800
  • 835 Villas & Condominiums

You will find top notch wellness, art, culture, sports and fitness offerings here.

Sustainability in AMAALA

The goal of AMAALA is to have a zero-carbon footprint. A full solar energy farm to waste management and recycling are planned. Furthermore, a secondary industry around sustainable farming should be implemented in the enclave.

A cultural preserve village as well as a marina wildlife protection center will guarantee sustainability even more.

A new futuristic airport

It has been announced recently that they will built a dedicated airport in the area.

The terminal will be an exclusive entrance gate to the AMAALA resort. Due to the rather private ambient, the airport will feel more like a private club with all luxurious amenities.

With private chauffeur services, the luxury stay will already commence once you disembark the aircraft.

The newest video which has been released can be found here:


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