Miles and More Tutorial Part 3 – Payback

Collect points at the Payback program which you can be transferred at a ratio of 1:1 to the Miles-and-More program.

PAYBACK explained

With PAYBACK, you can collect points, usually at the rate of 1 point per 2 Euros at a bunch of different stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, there is also the possibility to earn miles online which opens up possibilities to earn miles within Europe even when you are not based in one of the countries mentioned above. The possibility to earn some extra miles when booking your holiday online over or for example is interesting.


Coupons to earn extra points are available with many stores, ranging from 2x up to 15x. This will boost the points you will earn significantly. The best way to have an ideal about available Coupons is via the mobile APP (explained at the bottom of the article)

Applying for the program

Applying for the program will not work flawlessly when you are not living in Austria, Switzerland or Germany. We do not necessarily recommend using a fake address, however you will get a digital card that way and can start earning points and thus miles.

Another possibility is to simply visit a participating store when on vacation or shopping in one of the 3 countries and get a card on the designated desks (Will not take more than 3 minutes). Once in possession of a physical card you can simply login on a desktop computer to link the card to your Email address by visiting this link and chose the option “Vorhandene PAYBACK Karte registrieren”.

As you already have a physical card now, the postal address does not matter anymore.

Once completed download the PAYBACK app on your smartphone. You can now login with your details and in the Coupons tab you have an overview of all the different Coupons available. Before shopping at one of the available stores, simply click on “Coupon Aktivieren”. The bonus points will then automatically be transferred to your account when you present your PAYBACK card. You can also present your digital card available in you APP or even a Screenshot from that digital card.

Convert your PAYBACK points to miles

To convert your PAYBACK points to miles, you have to login to your Payback account, using a desktop computer, and chose the option to transfer points to Miles-and-More. You can even opt in to have your points transferred automatically to the Miles-and-More program twice a year.


This is a great way to earn a significant amount of extra miles, especially if you are living or visiting Germany, Switzerland or Austria from time to time to do some shopping.

With the use of Coupons, the points(miles) you will earn increase substantially, and you will get closer to a business or first flight you want to redeem your miles for.

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