Covid-19: Airlines offering status extension UPDATE

Updated with Finnair and British Airways.

More and more airlines added. We will provide you a list of all airline offering status extensions due to Coronavirus. Either some sort of status extension or extended re-qualify period.

Many airlines give you the possibility now to extend your qualification period or even extend your status for a limited period of time.

Below you find a list of all airline programs known to us allowing you some sort of extension, with updated airlines highlighted:


Aegean Airlines

6 months status extension or re-qualification extension:

  • For all the Silver and Gold members of our Miles+Bonus loyalty program whose tier expires from 31/03/2020, their tier will be extended for 6 months. Every member will have 18 months available – instead of 12 – in order to reach the rules, needed for their tier retain.
    If, for example, a Silver or Gold member’s tier expires on 30/11/2020, the new tier expiration date will be on 30/05/2021. Therefore, the period for the member to meet the criteria for tier retain will be 18 months, and specifically from 31/11/2019 until 29/05/2021.
  • For all the Silver and Gold members who have already accrued the requested number of miles for their tier retain, their tier is secured for 12 months post the extended tier expiration date.
    For example, a Silver or Gold member, whose tier expires on 30/11/2020 and is extended for 30/05/2021 and has accrued the requested number of miles for tier retain, his tier is secured until 30/05/2022.
  • For all Silver and Gold members that have already secured their tier up until 2022, no extension of tier duration will take place.

All the Silver and Gold members of the Miles+Bonus loyalty program which tier expires from March 11th up until April 30th,will have the chance to proceed as below in order to keep their tier:

Purchase 2.000 more tier miles, comparing to the current limit.  Therefore every silver member is eligible to purchase up to 4.000 tier miles while every Gold member is eligible to purchase 5.000 tier miles.

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Bonus tier points depending on your status.



Aeroflot takes part in the coronavirus airline status extensions list. The Platinum level will be extended through the end of 2021 for current Platinum customers as well as members who had their status downgraded to Gold on 1 March 2020 following the results of 2019. Customers who have Gold and Silver level status expiring on 28 February 2021 will enjoy extension of their status for the same period.

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Status extended by 12 months.

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Air Baltic

One year status extension.

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Air Canada

Status extended through end 2021.

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Air China

Status extension for 12 months for a statud expirying within the next month.

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Air Europa

6 months status extension.

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Air India

Status quo on the status of members, as of March 1, 2020, through August 31, 2020. This means if your status is going to expire anytime during the next five months,  it has gotten an extension for the time being.

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Air New Zealand

All statuses will be extended for 12 months.

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Air Vistara

The tier status re-evaluation will be paused from 18th March 2020 to 30th April 2020 and you will continue to avail of your existing elite tier privileges during this period.

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Alaska Airlines

Current Mileage Plan status will be extended through December 31, 2021.

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American Airlines

Status expiring on January 31, 2021 extend  until January 31, 2022.

Elite qualification requirements lowered according to the following table.

Qualifying metricGold
oneworld® Ruby
oneworld® Sapphire
Platinum Pro
oneworld® Sapphire
Executive Platinum
oneworld® Emerald

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Extension of status for 12 months.

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British Airways

All statuses will be extended by 12 months.

Furthermore, the tier points needed for re qualification will be reduced by 25%.

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Cathay Pacific

Status extended by 12 months.

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Delta Air Lines 

12 month status extension.

Vouchers and certificates that which expires March until June are now valid end of the year.


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El Al

Extensiom of status by 12 months.



Retaining tier status

Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold and Platinum members with a tier review date prior to 1 March 2021 will retain their current status for a further 12 months with just 80% of the usual travel requirements.

Extending tier status

Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold and Platinum members, with a tier status review between March 2020 and September 2020 who are unable to retain their existing tier, will have their existing status extended until 31 December 2020.

If you’re an Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold or Platinum member, you can take advantage of the added flexibility of retaining your membership status with just 80% of the travel requirements for your tier. You also enjoy 20% more Tier Miles on your trips until 30 June.

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Etihad Airways

Monthly bonus tier miles.

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Finnair updated the terms now and instead of 6b months, you will get a 12 months status extension.


Garuda Indonesia

Status extended by 6 months, qualification period increased to 18 months.

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12 months status extension.

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During the policy implementation, FWC elite members (including Platinum, gold and silver card) that member tier would be degraded in current month, will be automatic maintained by their original levels and the validity periods will be extended by another elite member period; Namely, the member tier validation would be from the day of upgrading till the end of the next month of the next year, which would be up to 14 months.

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Users are getting mails about a one-year extension, nothing official yet.



One year extensions of all statuses

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Status extended by 12 months.

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Korean Air

Status and qualification period extended by 6 months.

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One year status extension.

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Status extended for 12 months only for members who have a status which expires beginning of 2021.


Oman Air

Statuses expiring March, April and May will be extended until 30th June including the qualification period.



Your Qantas Frequent Flyer status will automatically be extended for 12 months, accurate as at 19 March 2020.

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Qatar Airways

Qatar is extending or giving back tier status, ending before 31 January 2021 along with all membership benefits for 12 months. Tier status will automatically be changed on 1 April 2020, for an entire membership year.

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Royal Air Maroc

Validity of your Safar Flyer card status is extended until December 31,2021.


Royal Jordanian

3 to 6 months extension depending on your expiration date.

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Status extension for 12 months
If you have obtained your status through flown Status Miles or flown segments and you have not reached the minimum enough to renew it, will extend your current Gold or Silver status for 12 months.”


Turkish Airlines

All statuses extended by one year.


United Airlines

Elite status extension by 12 months, Club Membership by 6 months.

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Vietnam Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

Extending the status of all our Silver and Gold Flying Club members by 6 months & voucher extensions

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If you know more airlines which should be present in our coronavirus airline status extensions list, feel free to contact us.

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