Groupon Deal: Buy 8000 avios for 99€

Groupon has again reactivated the deal to buy Avios for Iberia Plus. Usually the promotion runs a couple of times during a year.

What can you buy?

The following packages are available:

  • 4000 Avios for 54€
  • 8000 Avios for 99€
  • 15000 Avios for 189€
  • 20000 Avios for 249€

How to buy?

You have to create an account at before buying these packages. To simplify things you can use Chrome’s built-in translator to translate the Spanish homepage into the language you want. You can only buy one 19€ package per account. The best way to pay is with PayPal as their customer support is very efficient in case something goes wrong. Don’t forget that you will also need an Iberia Plus account that is older than 90 days.

Is it useful to buy Avios?

Be advised that the Avios will be transferred to Iberia Plus. It is possible to transfer the points from Iberia Plus to British Airways with the “combine my Avios” option as long (If you don’t live in the UK, this is only possible flawlessly when you don’t have a household account at British Airways). Usually we don’t recommend to buy Avios unless you have a specific redemption in mind and you are short of a couple of Avios. The deal to buy 2000 Avios for 19€ is nevertheless a good deal, as short-haul redemptions with BA start at 4000 Avios.

Link to the promotion


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