Hilton Status Challenge 2021: Gold 5 nights / Diamond 9 nights

Hilton is known to have had a generous status match promotion for years. For 2021 the nights required to keep your status have even been halved.

The Hilton status match and challenge is probably the easiest one to let you keep your status after only a handful of nights.

For this status match, you will need a status with a major competitive hotel.

If you have none, you can simply buy one for 90€ with a simple trick. You can obtain Accor Live Limitless Gold status (up to 23 months) for 90€, by purchasing the ibis business card. With Accor Gold you can request the status match challenge to Hilton for the Gold or Diamond status.

Hilton Status Match

Hilton is matching the status from all other major competitive hotels to Gold for 90 days. To keep your status after 90 days until March 2023, the nights required have been halved:

  • Stay only 5 nights within the 90 days of your match to stay Gold
  • Stay only 9 nights within 90 days to upgrade your status to Diamond.

This is a generous deal, and it is now very easy to become Hilton Gold or Diamond up to March 2023, if you have not done a status match with Hilton before.


Access the status match page here.


Status Matches Airlines and Hotels for 2021

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