Lounge Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich Terminal 2

Lounge Review Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich Terminal 2 in Covid-19 times, September 2020.

Access & Location

The lounge is located air-side, near gates G. During the Corona pandemic, lounge access is granted to Lufthansa & Star Alliance business class passengers as well as Star Alliance Gold members travelling in any class.

Furthermore, American Express Platinum members travelling in any class with Lufthansa can access the lounge.

Seating Options

You had the choice between dining tables, relaxing chairs, sofas and high chairs. There is less space available as before due to the Corona pandemic.

The lounge was fully packed and literally nobody was paying attention to social distancing, especially in the high chairs, people were sitting side by side. Furthermore, a huge queue of people was waiting at the entrance to enter the lounge, not very pleasant.


Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich overview review Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich seating


Food & Drinks

In terms of drinks, the choice was excellent and you could have all kinds of long drinks, soft drinks, a couple of wine choices and spirits. All drinks are served at the bar, which is a good alternative.

However, bottled soft drinks might have been easier to place on the buffet due to the many people in the lounge. To celebrate the Oktoberfest, Löwenbräu beer was even available on tap.

Considering the food, the options in this lounge were terrible, especially regarding the fact that the Lufthansa Senator Lounge is some sort of flagship lounge and that Munich is a big airport.

You literally only had the choice between chicken wings, potato salad, one desert, cold nuts and pretzels.


Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich octoberfest review Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich wine Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich drinks


Other services

Power sockets are not available everywhere, Wi-Fi is available free of charge and it seems like showers could have been used.


In terms of drinks, the lounge was excellent. However, considering the fact that the lounge was fully packed, food options were marginal and that you have to queue to enter the lounge, we think the Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich is not a great choice for the time being.

Waiting line to enter the lounge

We can’t understand why they are not opening another lounge or room to avoid queues, especially during Covid-19 times.



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