Locations of Major Hotel Chains on a Worldwide Map

If you want to do a status run, or you are visiting a country and want to know if there are hotels belonging to your favorite hotel chain, these maps may help you.

The old blog Travelisfree.com used to create maps in Google Maps with up-to-date locations of hotels belonging to all major hotel chains until 2019.

Maps are available for Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and as well for Radisson. Below you can access the maps from Travelisfree.com easily.

A special feature is that you can even select the award category of the different hotel chains by clicking and selecting them in the top left corner.








Bottom line

Although discontinued end of 2019, these maps are still worth looking at if you are considering to perform a mattress run. Or maybe now that your travel destinations are highly restricted, you want to know which alternative locations you can visit in order to take advantage of your status

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