Finnair Plus: Get Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald Status by buying points


Finnair Plus has launched a promotion to buy points with a 100% bonus, while also receiving 25% Status tier points, on top of the purchased points. (*updated version)

The Promotion


As mentioned, on top of the purchased Finnair plus points you will receive 25% tier points for your status.

As you are getting 25% bonus tier points on the total award point transaction, you can get up to 100'000 tier points, by buying the maximum of 400'000 Finnair plus points. (200'000 points bought and 200'000 points bonus)


Finnair status requirements

The following requirements have to be met in order to receive a status at Finnair Plus:

  • Finnair Plus Gold (Oneworld Sapphire Status):        80'000 tier points in one year
  • Finnair Plus Platinum (Oneworld Emerald status): 150'000 tier point in one year


With Oneworld Sapphire status you will benefit already from lounge access, priority boarding and check in and extra luggage allowances, on all Oneworld flights.


How to get the Oneworld Sapphire Status

You can buy 100'000 Finnair Plus points for roughly 1290€, and you will receive 80'000 Finnair Plus bonus points (80% bonus by buying 100'000-150'000 points). With the 25% bonus tier points, you get 45'000 tier points (more than half of the Tier points needed for Finnair Gold status.)

Finnair Plus offers the unique option to convert your Finnair Plus points into tier points, at a 3:1 ratio and 10€ in fees. But, you can convert not more than half the tier points needed for a status.

Now you need to convert only 120'000 of the bought Finnair Plus points into tier points and you are in possession of the Finnair Gold status, which equals to the oneworld Sapphire status.

You would also have 60'000 Finnair Plus points left.


How to get the Oneworld Emerald status

By buying 200'000 Finnair points you will get 400'000 (100% when buying more than 150'000 points), that means you wil get already 100'000 tier points by buying the maximum of points. Now you are only short of 50'000 tier points to become Finnair Platinum to receive the Oneworld Emerald status.

Thus, you can simply convert 150'000 of the points that you just bought into 50'000 tier points (3:1 ratio), and you will have a total of 150'000 tier points (100'000 + 50'000), for the Oneworld Emerald status.

You can benefit from this status on all your oneworld flights, and you would still have 250'000 Finnair Plus points left.

Furthermore, Finnair Platinum members receive two one-way upgrade vouchers, which are valid for intercontinental flights.


Bottom Line

For 2575€, you can buy yourself the Finnair Plus Platinum status which means you now have the Oneworld Emerald status. On top of that, you still have 250'000 Finnair Plus Points left and receive 2 upgrade vouchers. If you are earning your points at Finnair anyway and do not need to buy the full amount of points, this promotion becomes even better.


Access Promotion here.


* There were some small errors in this post, which now have been corrected.

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